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Hardwood Stairs: Quality Work

Yet another specialty service at LeviArs are hardwood stairs and wood stair treads. We aim to provide the best service for all of your stair needs, because we want you to love your home. Sometimes, that means updating your old staircase. We provide top quality wood stair treads at a fair price.

If your current hardwood stairs are not damaging your home or risking injury to your family, they may just need a facelift. We won’t remove the stairs from your home, but rather refinish them as they are to your desired aesthetic. If your existing staircase is weathered, worn, or outdated, we can re-sand, refinish, and restore your stairs to make them look new again.

Another part of this process would be updating your railing and wood stair treads, which can be refinished or replaced to a more modern style. We can also update your carpeted stairs with wooden stairs. We’ll install and supply prefinished stair treads and new railings to your custom design and color.


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Can you match my stairs to my existing railings and floors?

Absolutely! You can choose any species of lumber or color to match your existing hardwood or desired decor. We will ensure that we precisely match your chosen color and style, matching your staircase to your existing floor and railings.

How long will it take?

A staircase renovation is a big job, but because we specialize in this trade, we can complete your hardwood stairs in a timely manner. On average, it can take 3-5 days.

What will the cost be?

Every house has different needs in terms of style and sizes of wood stair treads. Price will depend on spectrum, species, and product chosen. We hope you’ll call us for an onsite estimate that will give you an accurate assessment.

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